Liodigital Corp. is a technology developer and supplier for life science and healthcare applications.

Over the years, we have developed a set of modular and easy to operate technologies that allow weak physiological signals to be detected more efficiently. Our devices provide an accurate and effective means for healthcare professionals, researchers, and students to explore the mechanisms of the human body and help with their own design projects.


LD-BP-R Portable Vital Sign Data Acquisition SystemThe LD-BP-R is a compact, modular device designed to facilitate effective data acquisition of vital signs. The device can act as a blood pressure data acquisition system, electrocardiogram, and blood oxygen level data acquisition system. The LD-BP-R is available in several different configurations depending on the use case.The device can be used for cuff based BP measurement, as well as pulse transit time (PTT) based Cuff-less BP measurement. PTT can be derived from ECG, Pressure and PPG sensors.

LD-DPS Portable DPOAE Suppression research system: The LD-DPS is a portable device designed for Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions Suppression (DPOAE) research. The system allows researchers to directly measure and view the DPOAE suppression dynamics in real time.

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