LD-BP-R Manual V3.0
User manual for LD-BP-R Portable Vital Sign Data Acquisition System:
LD-BP-R Manual

1. Introduction

LD-BP-R is a portable research system for Vital Sign signal Data Acquisition. It contains the necessary hardware and firmware for cuff-based and PTT-based (cuffless or quasi- cuffless) blood pressure measurement, single lead or three leads ECG measurement, as well as for PPG, SpO2 measurement.

The device can be controlled and powered through USB.

The complete system has three functional modules. Researchers may choose one or more modules based on their research needs. The available modules are:

  • BP module (One or Two Channel Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measurement).
  • ECG module ( One Channel for single Lead ECG, Two Channel for Three Lead ECG).
  • PPG module ( One Channel for IR PPG, two Channel for R+IR PPG and SpO2).

The system can be configured to do

  • Oscillometric Blood Pressure measurement
  • Pulse Transit Time (PTT) Blood Pressure measurement
  • ECG measurement
  • PPG and SpO2 measurement

Details please refer LD-BPR Configurable Modules

1.1 Intended use

Data Acquisition for oscillometric blood pressure measurement, ECG, PPG and SpO2 measurement. The device is to be used in research lab or R&D facilities.

1.2 Specifications

Please refer LD-BPR Specifications

2. Precautions

The use of this device is reserved to physiology researchers, medical researchers and Biomedical Engineering researchers, or trained persons authorized by above researchers. Any inappropriate use is forbidden. This device is for data acquisition. It is not a medical device and shall not be used for diagnosis, treatment of diseases.

3. Installing the LD-BP-R software

Please refer LD-BPR Software Installation

4. Getting started

Please refer Getting Started

5. Using the LD-BP-R

The device has two recording modes. One is the monitoring mode and one is the oscillometric BP testing mode. In the monitoring the device continuously collects data while in the BP testing mode the device only collects the data of a complete testing cycle.

5.1 BP Mode

To get into the BP mode, please click the BP Test Tab on the top of the screen. In BP mode, user is allowed to control the inflation and deflation in the following ways:

5.1.1 BP Test with Linear Deflation Control

5.1.2 BP Test with Piecewise Step Cuff Pressure

5.1.3 BP Test - Control the deflation on the fly

5.1.4 BP Test - develop your own PC software to control the BP data acquisition

User can also send commands to the device to control the cuff pressure curve. This is the most flexible control method but it needs users to write a custom program.

Please refer the LD-BP-R-Developer's Guide documents for the details about how to develop a PC application software to control the device.

5.2 Monitoring Mode

In the Monitoring Mode, the data acquisition is continuously running and the system allows the simultaneous data acquisition of pressure, ECG and PPG.

Details please refer BP, ECG, PPG Monitoring