The LD-BP-R is a portable Vital Sign signal Data Acquisition device. The device is equipped with all the hardware and firmware needed for Cuff based, Cuff-less Pulse Transit Time (PTT) based, and quasi Cuff-Less based blood pressure measurement, single and three lead Electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement, and Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) measurement.


  • Cuff Based Blood Pressure Measurement: The LD-BP-R is equipped with a standard pneumatic cuff for measuring blood pressure. The device allows for detailed and precise control of inflation/deflation speeds and cuff pressure curves (such as constant pressure, linear/piecewise linear, predefined or adaptive deflation curves).
  • Pulse Transit Time (PTT) Cuff-less BP measurement: The LD-BP-R supports four different PTT configurations:
    • ECG-PPG PTT: This is the most common form of PTT BP. An ECG channel and a PPG channel are used for this configuration.
    • ECG-Pressure PTT: An ECG channel and a cuff pressure channel are used for this configuration, the cuff works as a blood pressure pulse sensor (Quasi-Cuff-less mode) in which the cuff is set at a constant low pressure well below the diastolic pressure, blood pulse waveforms are comfortably collected on subject’s arm like in a cuff-less sensing system.
    • Pressure-Pressure PTT: This configuration consists of two cuff pressure channels working in a quasi-cuff-less mode. This configuration provides a way to measure the pressure wave pulse transition time without having to deal with the problems caused by pre-ejection period (PEP) associated with ECG based PTT.
    • Pressure-PPG PTT: This configuration consists of a PPG channel and a cuff pressure channel that works in quasi-cuff-less mode. This configuration is free of PEP caused errors.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) Monitoring: The device can provide up to two ECG channels which can be configured as single lead or a three lead ECG. An active reference electrode is available for improving the system performance in noisy conditions (better CMRR). The device also provides the lead-off detection for quality control, to detect situations such as fall off or loose contacts of the electrodes.
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Monitoring: The device provides data acquisition for SpO2 monitoring. Both red and infrared PPGs are provided, all necessary timing logic controls and LED drivers for pulse oximeter data acquisition are included. PPG waveform raw data are available for further processing and SpO2 estimation. The PPG sensors are integrated with a temperature sensor; the temperature raw data are available as well for SpO2 estimation correction.

LD-BP-R Software

The LD-BP-R software package comes bundled with the device and includes the following features:

  • GUI for Test Task Control:  Buttons for start, stop, pause and run-protocol, allowing for real-time control of a single test and batch test according to a pre-set protocol.
  • GUI for Waveform Display: Real-time and recorded waveform display; zoom in, zoom out; on screen parameter calculations (PTT etc.)
  • Flexible Protocol Configuration: Allows the user to set BP test parameters, inflation/deflation patterns, test sequences, enable and disable data channels etc.
  • Data Files: Subject data, raw waveform data, test settings and results, all can be exported to MS Notepad, MS excel.
  • Third-party Algorithms: BP, ECG, SpO2, PTT algorithms will be available from collaborating research institutes and suppliers.
  • API Libraries for Advanced Users: Allows the user to write their own software to control the device via USB.
    • Customized Devices: Through APIs, developers can customize the device for validation of their own algorithms and methods, and for formal product development.


For more detailed description of the system and how to use it please refer LD-BP-R Manual

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 Comparison of Versions (configurations)

Brief description  Single Channel BP Main BP+ Aux BP Main BP  + Single Lead ECG main BP  + R/IR PPG Main BP +Single Lead ECG+R/IR PPGs Main BP + Aux BP + ECG Main BP + Aux BP +R/IR PPGs Main BP + Aux BP + 3 Lead ECG Main BP + Aux BP + 3 Lead ECG+R/IR PPGs
Programmable inflation/deflation yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Steady cuff pressure for blood pressure pulse sensing yes  


yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Single lead ECG no no yes no yes yes no yes yes
Three lead ECG no no no no no no no yes yes
Red or IR PPG no no no yes yes no yes no yes
ECG-PPG PTT no no no no yes no no no yes
ECG-Pressure PTT no no yes no yes yes no yes yes
Pressure-Pressure PTT no yes no no no yes yes yes yes
Pressure-PPG PTT no no no yes yes no yes no yes
SpO2 no no no yes yes no yes no